Lake Michigan Series

I had a goal to travel around the lower loop of Lake Michigan, one of the great lakes, stopping at coastal towns and cities, and dunes parks along the way and photographing the lake shoreline, beaches, breakwaters and dunes.  Why?  I wondered if one lake and lake shoreline would look differently as it stretched along a coast.

Well, it’s a large loop of a lake–22,390 square miles long, bordering four states.  My coastal, aquatic travel adventure occurred over the year, 2012.  As I visited the shore at the many towns and parks, I began to appreciate the vastness, wilderness and changing beauty of the lake and parks.  I learned anew about the coastal culture and mix of towns from working class,  upscale, big city, tourist harbor town, and growing communities.

I’m glad I took this journey to various destinations along one beautiful great lake–Lake Michigan.  Here is the photo essay of the journey, the Lake Michigan Series.

Along the Shore of Lake Michigan

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Earlier posts and pictures about parks and towns I visited on my year-long trip around the lower loop of Lake Michigan starting on the east coast:

New Buffalo, Michigan

Michigan City, Indiana

Indiana Dunes National and State Parks

Whiting, Indiana

Chicago Loop

Chicago Architecture

Grosse Point Park, Evanston, Illinois

Illinois Beach State Park

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Google Map of Journey

25 responses to “Lake Michigan Series

  1. Great photos! Have you ever gone further north along the shore? Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Kewaunee, Door Counties offer some nice scenery, as well!

      • I would like to head up to northwest WI and further north along the shore of Lake Superior – haven’t been up that way yet. Farthest I have ever gone is Houghton on the Keweenaw Peninsula. It is no great wonder that the U.P. and northern WI used to be a playground for wealthy and powerful folks that wanted some privacy – the beauty of that area is not as widely known as it should be…but I am kind of glad for that 🙂

  2. Awesome and absolutely kind of you to share it. Been there once but I was probably still too young to remember…and those days there weren’t digital cameras for me to snap photos. A pity, indeed. I shall have to take a trip down again after seeing this!!

  3. I used to live in Winthrop Harbor (just north of Zion). While we turned on the air conditioning during the middle of the summer days, most evenings we could turn it off because of the cool winds that came in from the lake.

    Loved your photos and the memories they brought back.


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