Recently, I returned for a visit to Riverside a planned community and a historic national landmark–the entire town.  If I want to visit Switzerland and cannot afford a plan ticket, I travel to Riverside.  It’s one of the Midwestern towns where the European-influenced architecture has been preserved.

Once I enter the town, it looks as if I left the Midwest and am transported to charming European town or Swiss village complete with a winding river running through a city park.  There are buildings with colorful arches in Swiss Gothic style and cross-shaped spires in Chateau style, winding streets, cafe and a central park that invite me to wander at will stopping occasionally to snap a picture.

I’m combining two travel photo blog challenges of Where’s My Backpack Travel theme: Multiples and East of Malaga’s CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflections in this post with new photos I snapped on my return to Riverside.  The images of town, its architecture and street scenes and nature in the park and river include multiples and reflections.

Additional information and a map of Riverside in: Images of Riverside Tour

15 responses to “Riverside

  1. Those who think of the Midwest as a monolithic cornfield really miss the mark. There’s incredible variety to be discovered, even within a single state.
    As a native of Ohio who later lived in two of its other quarters, as well as in southern Indiana and Iowa, I appreciate perception-expanding presentations like this one.
    Many thanks.

  2. Excellent combination of photo challenges!

    You’re quite right – Riverside has a distinctly European flavour to it. I can see why you go there 🙂

  3. Love Riverside…if only for the architecture of the homes and the quaint little town. Both of my parents grew up there!

  4. What state is this in?

    I’m from Southern Illinois, and every time I was in the more northern Midwest, I was struck by how European it looked. I don’t know if this is in that area or not, but it reminds me of that.

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