Travel Theme – Glass

Glass transparent and translucent lets light and color shine through and runs the gamut from artistic, serviceable and useful.  A constructed material eons old and still used today.

For Where’s My Backpack’s Travel theme – Glass, I’ve got a couple of photos of colorful glass taken at a historic museum in Lisle.


Depression era bottles

Depression era bottles

Depression Era Bottles

“Certain things, they should stay the way they are. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those big glass cases and just leave them alone.” — J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

I think archaeologist and historians would agree with Salinger, and maybe collectors too.

oil and vinegar bottles


oil and vinegar bottles

oil and vinegar bottles

Oil and Vinegar Bottles

9 responses to “Travel Theme – Glass

  1. Old bottles are really fascinating, particularly those with marbles for stoppers. Our mass produced jars are far less interesting 🙂

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