Cast Iron Cooking

cast iron stove

cast iron stove

Wake up to coffee percolating, bacon sizzling in the pan or oatmeal in a pot, waffles on a griddle or biscuits in the oven.  Doesn’t that sound and smell like a pleasant way to start a day.  A traditional breakfast cooked on a cast-iron stove or pot-bellied stove.

“I can still memory – taste the fresh buttermilk pancakes and hot buttermilk biscuits – both made with lard! – that were cooked on the top, or in the oven, of that ancient iron stove.” Vernon L. Smith

My Tagged C photo and story is cast-iron solid and warms up evenly.

pot bellied stove

pot-bellied stove

Cast-iron stoves were a 19th century kitchen essential and pot-bellied stoves were used in one-room schoolhouses, trains and train stations.  Cast-iron stoves and cookware retain heat and heat evenly.  They just have to be seasoned occasionally and it lasts a long time–centuries.

Here is a link to information on how to season cast-iron cookware and a video on how to cook on a cast-iron stove.

How to care for Cast Iron Cookware: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron

Cooking on a Cast Iron Stove


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15 responses to “Cast Iron Cooking

  1. My husband swears by his cast iron cookware — he has some skillets that used to belong to his grandmother, and has picked up a griddle and deep skillet from garage sales or secondhand shops incredibly inexpensively. He loves the older “seasoned” cookware, and follows the protocol of avoiding soap as much as possible, but did get a new Dutch oven cast iron pot that was the “Lodge” brand, I think, and that has done well over time. Now if we only had the pot-bellied stove to fill out the picture! ~ Kat

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