Duotone is a halftone image or photograph in contrasting colors like blue or black.  Or duotone or duograph can be created by taking an image and superimposing one color over another.  Or using a filter or setting.  It’s a way to be creative with colors in pictures.

duotone windmill

duotone windmill

I took an image of a windmill and converted two to soft, contrasting colors for a vintage look.  Then I superimposed one photo over the other.

duotone image

Marseilles Factory

I wanted to create a retro postcard effect with this photograph.  I used complimentary colors in olive and blue, and olive is sort of a retro color.


duotone sky

I set my camera to Tungsten filter/light setting to create a dramatic duotone style cloudy sky.

These are my photos in duotone.


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12 responses to “Duotone

  1. thanks for showing how it is actually done – I like the duotone sky. Never sure what image suits this effect best but then I cheat with my photo editing software

    • I’ll stop by your blog to see your duotone pictures. I took a black and white photograph and made two copies of it. I changed each of the two copies to different colors, cropped one of them. I overlaid one color photo over the other.

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