In the Wind

sun and wind

sun and wind

It’ in the wind, a powerful kinetic energy that is converted to electricity in wind farms across the Midwest that provide alternative power to communities.  Large metal, mechanical wind turbines spread out over the land comprise a wind farm.

I’m focusing attention on an increasing source of harvested energy in the Midwest, wind power.  It’s not a new source of energy, because windmills were and still are used to power mills.  It’ another way of capturing the wind to provide energy to rural communities and towns.

wind turbines

wind turbines

There are pros and cons to wind power and energy.  This type of farming of wind power is growing in popularity in the Midwest.  I see the white turbines while driving past corn fields and by small towns.  They are immense and fill the landscape with their slowly turning sails.  The kinetic energy from the wind, a renewable resource, is converted and connected to an electrical power transmission network.  It can be very wind in certain seasons of the year; weather forecasting predicts when the energy created by the turbines will increase.

Where I’ve seen the wind farms, the communities and farmers have left open space and paths for birds, and wildlife  migration.  It’s a new look for the landscape, and scenic one at sunset.

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