A Farm

long walk

long walk

I’ve often thought about childhood summers spent on a farm.  There was no twilight there in the summertime. We all rose with the sun to feed and tend to the animals.  In the afternoon we go off with fishing poles and bags of worms for the nearest pond or lake.  Or we play in the meadow or hide in tall stalks of corn.

Then we would return from our adventures to bring the cows in from the field, and pen the chickens, ducks and geese in coops before it got too dark.  They were long days filled with farm chores of cleaning out stalls, feeding animals, and preparing for the harvest.

We ate our evening meal around the table together swapping jokes and telling stories.  In the evening, we would sit on porch to catch a cooling breeze and gaze at a night sky filled with stars and try to guess the constellations.

Those are some of my memories of summers on a farm. That was the essay and here are the photos for a short photo essay of a farm.  And, I’ve added a song and video that tells about farm life.

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Steel Mule, by Six Mile Grove

19 responses to “A Farm

  1. I never worked or lived on a farm but where I live they dot the countryside. I often ride and shoot and return to edit them to black and white. You have touched me with both your essays.

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