Winter Spiral

spiral galaxy scuplture

spiral galaxy


I walk around the snow covered spiral stone sculpture; I notice the light against the snow.  I see a woman sitting on one of the stones looking out at the lake.  It is a place for quiet meditation in the winter offering up views of Northerly Island Park, the Adler Planetarium and an endless blue Lake Michigan on the other.

America’s Courtyard is a spiral sculpture comprised of 60 stones from different quarries designed to depict a spiral galaxy.  In the center is a white stone quartered into four sections to represent the four cardinal directions—north, south, east, and west.  It was designed by artists Denise Milan and Ary Perez.   “The different stones suggest the multitudes of people in the Americas, and the basalt the continental origins of the Americas, because it is volcanic and comes from the center of the earth,” said Milan.

The spiral sculpture also resembles the golden spiral found throughout nature and space– the shape of a galaxy and a nautilus shell– that is ongoing.   A sculpture inspired by nature in an eternal shape and designed to incorporate the sun into the art.

Sunday Post Ongoing

16 responses to “Winter Spiral

  1. What a beautiful place and photograph. It is so lovely to get so see these wonderful places that I wouldn’t know otherwise exist.

  2. The spiral stone sculpture are really wonderful creation there my friend ……Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

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