Village Scenes in Color

Victorian House

Victorian House

Village life in a rural community is a hub of social activity.  Homes and businesses are clustered together in these hamlets, small towns and cities in the country, atop mountains, and by rivers or along a coast.  Villages have provided inspiration for American artists for generations.  This is a photo essay of colorful village scenes influenced by the artwork from American Impressionism, Americana Art and a romantic Realism style of painting.

American Impressionism

Childe Hassam and Robert Vonnoh were two painters caught up in the art movement that evolved from European Impressionism in a soft, bright style with loose brush work and colorful images.

Childe Hassam

Childe Hassam church

 Childe Hassam

Robert Vonnoh

Robert Vonnoh mill

Robert Vonnoh

Americana Art

P. Buckley Moss, the People’s Artist, has style harking back to Early American Folk Art of the 1800’s with her  popular works depicting Americana scenes of rural landscape,  Amish communities and village life.

P. Buckley Moss

P. Buckley Moss schoolhouse

P. Buckley Moss

Romantic Realism

Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light, created art of quaint seaside towns, and charming Victorian villages in a romantic realistic style that making people nostalgic for an imagined way of life.

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade home

Thomas Kinkade

They have inspired me with their colorful, vibrant artwork that offes me evocative fragments into village life.  The gallery includes art from Childe Hassam, Robert Vonnoh, P. Buckley Moss, Thomas Kinkade and my images inspired by their art.

7 responses to “Village Scenes in Color

  1. I keep returning to this post C&C. I don’t quite know why I am filled with a sort of yearning but do know how much I love the pictures. Thank you

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