A Desert Garden

golden barrel cactus

golden barrel cactus

It was a cold day, and I craved heat.   The idea of a desert garden was appealing, a place to warm up and chill out—spend time among the saguaro.    So, I visited a desert in the Midwest.  I took these photographs in a light-filled Desert Room garden at the Oak Park Conservatory.

It smelled like a southwestern wilderness in the room and provided sunshine and heat.   It felt like it was spring in the room; while it was freezing outside.  It felt good.

burro's tail

burro’s tail

The desert garden had different sizes and shapes of cacti and succulents from the burro’s tail that did sort of resemble a tail, small blue cactus to a giant agave.  There were a lot of them and some that even touched the fogged up glass ceiling.  I enjoyed my trip to the indoor desert, a small part of the southwest in the Midwest.

Welcome to a desert garden, for A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Gardens.

Desert Garden

There is more information on Oak Park Conservatory and other conservatories in Illinois and Wisconsin in my earlier post:

 Guide to Five Conservatories Around Chicago

11 responses to “A Desert Garden

  1. I am crazy about cactus and succulents and I love the indoor garden. Sadly, as much as I love looking at burro’s tails, I never have luck with them. 😦

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