Ancient History

ancient Americas pottery

pottery of ancient man

Explorations among the ruins of the remote past have carried curious men all over the face of the earth… Yet in truth, no science is more adventurous than archaeology, if adventure is thought of as a mixture of spirit and deed.” — C.W. Ceram, Gods, Graves & Scholars: The Story Of Archaeology

Fortunately for me I didn’t have to travel the face of the earth to excavate the past and satisfy my curiosity or unfortunately for me because I’d like to try at least once.  I explored a mixture of spirit, form and art in relics from the ancient civilizations of the Americas at a museum exhibit.

The cultural and architectural relics they left behind still fascinate people, and me.  Their beautiful, detailed art and innovations in science and technology inspired others like architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  They are not forgotten and continue to provide more art and mysteries to be discovered and appreciated.

I thought the unforgettable, rich art and history of the ancient Americas blended two photo challenges together in this post for a Sunday Post: Unforgettable and Flickr Comments Story Challenge Tagged “H,” I’m exploring ancient history in photographs of art and artifacts from some of the collection of the Ancient Americas at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Links to topic information resources:

Aztec calendar stone

History of Peru on Mochica or Moche

Pyramids in Latin America

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