Winter Driftwood

winter driftwood

winter driftwood

Sometimes an ordinary Saturday morning is the best kind.  One without hurried preparation for big plans, but one that is not rushed that moves along at an easy pace with a peaceful walk on a lakeside trail.

Yesterday it was sunny and I stood in the cold air looking forward to a hike.   Last week’s snowstorm left a blanket of fresh snow on the ground, but I could still hike the lakeside trail.  The cold air cleared my mind and centered my thoughts on the wilderness around me.   The icy lake stretched to a tree-lined horizon.  Above me was a pale blue winter sky

There in the lake along the trail was a large piece of driftwood frozen in place by the shore.

“Memory can make a thing seem to have been much more than it was.”  Marilynne Robinson

The broken tree trunk and gnarled branches reminded me of moose antlers sticking up above the water.  Although I knew there were no moose around there, and one roaming moose would not have traveled so long a distance to munch on the underwater vegetation.  No, it was driftwood shaped by the weather and sculpted over time.

I liked the weathered piece of driftwood.  I took a photo of it to remember wood antlers in the icy water.

Do you look for driftwood, shells or sea glass along a shore?

13 responses to “Winter Driftwood

  1. I do look for treasures on the beach. Sea glass is always a lucky find. Antlers would freak me out! 😉 Seeing a moose lift out of the water from under those driftwood antlers would be mind blowing. Great post. Super photo.

  2. Lovely photograph. I am always intrigued with driftwood, anything really that has been somewhere a long time and has textures, emotion and a story. Thanks for sharing.

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