A Water Garden

koi pond

koi pond

On a recent visit to an indoor water garden, I watched colorful koi fish swim and a turtle bask itself on a rock.  Koi fish are supposed to bring good luck and promote health.  As I watched the colorful, graceful fish performed a water ballet before my eyes, I felt better.  They added to the serene atmosphere of the garden.

The two ponds of the water garden were beautifully landscaped in the small space making it seem not small at all.  The sound of a water fountain added to the elements.  I sat on a bench still, reflecting on the carefully designed indoor garden balancing fish and reptiles with a vivid colors in plants and flowers.

Here are a few photos of the water garden for a serene start to a Monday, and Sunday Post: Arrangement.

14 responses to “A Water Garden

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  2. Beautiful, there is something very soothing about fish in water. I used to scuba dive, and found it the most relaxing thing I had ever experienced….this feels brings back the memory 🙂

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