People in Hats



“Nice hat.” -Pirates of the Carribean

I’ve been thinking about people in hats.  Hats are an artistic, practical fashion accessory that have been around since ancient Egypt and Greece.  They warm your head and make you look good at the same time.  In the past, hats were an expression of social status.  Top hats the headgear of choice for royalty, upper crust and Abe Lincoln.  They are worn at social events such as horse races and steampunk parties.

“…a hat’s – not a hat – till it’s tilted…” Robin and the Seven Hoods

Whether it’s a top hat, tricorn, baseball cap or cowboy hat, it is expressive of the person wearing it.   I’ve been taking photographs of people in hats at events and other places like parades, fests, etc.

Then I saw a photo challenge theme on hats this week at A Word A Week Challenge.  It gave me the nudge I needed to put the post together, and an opportunity to view other bloggers hat people photos.

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People in Hats

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