Spring Peeper

frog reflection

frog reflection

There are two events that signal the start of the spring season for me.  Both of them are musical and very green; the return of the spring peepers and a St. Patrick’s Day parade.  This post is about the spring peepers, and my next post is about the largest neighborhood St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S.

What is a spring peeper?

It’s a small chorus frog that makes a musical call that sounds like bells.  They come out in the spring.  The little frog musicians blend in well with their surroundings.  The groundhog’s shadow might tell us when spring starts.  I wait and listen for the spring peepers.  I was on a woods and wetlands trail yesterday listening and looking for the peepers.  If I’m noisy or the trail is crowded, I won’t hear them.  I was quiet and heard that sound, the sound of spring peepers.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find one on a tree or by the water to photograph.  I took a photograph of this frog from inside the nature center by trail.   The frog’s body is underwater and its head is peeping above.  It looks small enough to be a spring peeper.

Here is the call of a spring peeper.  Listen for one on your next walk in the woods or by wetlands.


5 responses to “Spring Peeper

  1. What a gift this post is. Thank you so much. I have been known to slow down and put car windows down to hear the spring peepers at places I know they will be. They sing me to sleep at night.

  2. Thank you for sharing….I love the sounds of spring and summer. I’ve just started being able to hear our tree frogs…that’s what my husband calls them…are Spring Peepers in southern Ohio? We are not near water, but up on a ridge in a national forest and I only hear the beautiful songs in the evening and early night.

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