Sentimental Feeling

backgammon pieces

backgammon pieces

I grew up playing all kinds of board and card games with friends and family.   Scrabble, Yahtzee, backgammon, chess, checkers, cribbage, Monopoly, poker, etc.  I’ve many happy memories of all night sessions at family reunions or with friends playing games til the early hours of the morning.



I’m sure that Scrabble improved my vocabulary and spelling.  Monopoly and poker helped my math.  Chess, checkers, backgammon and cribbage all gave me insight into strategy.  I still enjoy playing board and card games.  The sight of games pieces give me a sentimental feeling filling me with happy memories.

When I saw a Sunday Post photo challenge about what evokes a sentimental value that sparks a memory journey for me; well it was all about fun and games.

11 responses to “Sentimental Feeling

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite games there my friend shame to me but I don`t know how to play it 🙂

  2. I still love playing board games too! My husband and I always bring Dominos, Uno and Backgammon when we have a weekend away to ourselves. We always “bet”. Whoever the loser is has to do certain agreed upon chores. lol

  3. Great take on the challenge. It’s wonderful to see what people make of them sometimes.
    Monopoly was big in our house and there’s still a box on top of my son’s wardrobe, for rainy days. Dad absolutely loves dominoes and will spend half the day playing it with my uncle when he goes to Poland.

  4. Board games and card games evoke the same memories for me — I love that our cabin time often includes those types of activities, since we have no television or video games there! Settlers of Cataan, Monopoly, Backgammon, Canasta, all good fun.

  5. Hmmm…. played them all…. still cannot spell and my math skills are pretty basic. Still trying to figure out what game helped me in photography 🙂

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