Four Seasons Lake

spring lake

lake in spring with small green buds on trees

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is on change.  I’ve been thinking about change and in WP’s photo post a bridge is used as a metaphor for change.  I’d read this concept on change by Leo Buscaglia and liked it:

An investment in life is an investment in change….When you are changing all the time, you’ve got to continue to keep adjusting to change, which means that you are going to be constantly facing new obstacles.  That’s the joy of living.  And once you are involved in the process of becoming, there is no stopping.  But what a fantastic journey!

Watching seasons pass in nature from spring, summer and fall into winter provides me with change that is at once re-energizing and soothing; and offering serenity for myself and other hikers, walkers and runners.  I’m never alone walking on woodland path or a lakeside trail; because life abounds around me even in the icy stillness of winter.

I decided last summer to visit the same spot by a lake and take pictures in each of the four seasons.  I actually walked the trail around the entire lake.  I wanted to catch seasonal change in this lake wilderness with my camera.  It’s a nod to Monet and other artists who did this and inspired me to try it.

It’s been a fun visual journey watching the changes at this lake.  I put together a photo essay of the four seasons of a lake:

Four Seasons Lake

8 responses to “Four Seasons Lake

  1. Oh what a great idea! And the pictures are lovely! I think I like the one in the fall the best. Very nice idea, and a great inspiration 🙂

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