life preserver

life preserver

“Contrast  is what makes photography interesting.” Conrad  Hall

I like this quote by Conrad Hall, and I read it over again occasionally like looking at a cherished postcard.  Hall was the cinematographer on the films Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, American Beauty, and Road to Perdition.  He has some experienced insight into the beauty and inspiring difference of contrast in a photo.

For Travel Theme: Contrast photo challenge, I thought about contrast in an image and I thought about Hall’s quote.  I kept going back to same the picture I snapped of the life preserver.  There is contrast of the light life preserver against the dark watery waves; and the weathered look of it.

The contrast with the water is sort symbolic for me; because last year the Midwest was hit hard by drought.  Now people and towns in the Midwest are recovering from floods.  In one year we’ve gone from too little to too much water.  The life preserver may be worn, but it still floats.  So, it’s my contrast photo.

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