Spring Light

swan in motion

swan in motion

If you could be a bird, which one would you choose?  Do you ever consider this question as you watch a bird soar on currents up high in the air?    Would it be an eagle? A bobwhite?  A colorful peacock? Or would a swan be on your list?

The swans are out swimming again sharing lake waters their aquatic bird relatives the geese and ducks.

I sat on a park bench tonight and watched a swan glide gracefully across a lake.   I thought if I could be any bird the white swan would be at the top of the list.  I can understand why they would have a ballet, Swan Lake, inspired by them.  They are effortless poetry in motion, snow white feathers against blue waters.

The sunlight cast a reflection of the swan on the water.  For Travel theme: Light, I’m sharing a reflection of a swan.

14 responses to “Spring Light

  1. I’d be a swallow – travelling back and forth to the warmer climes. Your gliding swan is pure grace

  2. I guess I’d have to change to be a male if I were a bird. They usually are prettier than the female birds. Look at the peacock vs. the peahen. Or the Cardinal and his lady version. She just isn’t as spectacular. 🙂

  3. Tough question. Think i would pick the swan too, or an eagle 😉
    Fabulous shot, love the reflection in the inky blue of the water!

  4. The reflection is lovely on the photo…nice shot! There are so many majestic birds I love like egrets and great blue herons, but I also love cardinals and cute little birds like a titmouse or a chickadee…I could never choose…I think it would depend on my mood…

  5. Lovely shot c&c. I think I’d chose to be a lark, up at first light and all that..but again, doesn’t everybody love a blue-tit?

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