Weekly Photo Challenge – Back Pathways

woodlands path

woodlands path

When I walk upon a familiar country pathway if I bring my camera and look closer at scenery and background around me; I see flora and fauna, fish and plants I hadn’t noticed before.  Even a path that I’ve hiked before can offer up new beauty with the changing of the seasons.

To  learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday. John  Burroughs

Sometimes I notice things link together, it just sort of works out that way occasionally.  A Weekly Photo Challenge – In the Background and Travel theme: Pathways linked up for me when I walked an old, familiar trail.  I walked a little slower and notice background and things closer to path, to the ground.

I liked linking these two photo challenges together for first a landscape view and then a close up of the background images along the path.  I’ll be doing this again with my camera lens–looking for far and near.

Near and Far Photos on a Country Pathway

woodlands path

woodlands path with wood fence

green leafy vine on wood fence

green leafy vine on wood fence

Further up the path is a lake.

woodlands lake

woodlands lake

A closer look at the background in the water reveals:

fish in water

fish in water


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