Summer Water Lilies

water lilies blooming

water lilies in bloom on a wilderness lake

I returned to the woodlands lake surrounded by a forest of trees, with lily pads floating on the surface that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  The water lilies were in bloom.

Large white water lilies bloomed in contrast to the dark green lily pads and blue water.  Wild flowers bloomed along the bank; with the botanical combination of aquatic blooms and shore flowers creating a wonderful perfume.  I wish I could bottle the scent.

water lily lake

a forest is reflected on a lake while water lilies bloom on the center surface

The mass of water lily flowers and pads covering the lake are beautiful to see and evoke a peaceful feeling of serenity.  Yet, there is a delicate balance going on in this picture above.  If the water lily plants covered the whole surface of the lake, they would choke out the light destroying the balance and fish and other types of vegetation.

The lake has an open area where the sunlight shines on and trees are reflected on the surface.  It’s this balance in nature between the serene looking cover of the water lilies and the open water with light shining through that keeps the ecology of the lake alive.

Other hikers and I passing by get to enjoy the watery landscape of reflections and lilies.

6 responses to “Summer Water Lilies

  1. Beautiful perspective of the second image — “a forest is reflected on a lake while water lilies bloom on the center surface”.

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