Summer History

dentist office

dentist office


I took a break from modernity and the wireless world to visit a historical settlement stepping back in time to eras from World War I and II.  There were bakers, butchers, barbers, blacksmiths, brewers and other small business; some of which survived and operate today and some making a resurgence.

It was interesting and eye-opening to look at life during these times from modern eyes and understand what we gained and what we lost.  Candy was penny, newspapers a nickel and gas was really cheap!  I learned about lyceums; and they are called theatres now.  A visit to a dentist shop must have been an experience; because I thought it was a carpenter’s tools at first glance.


barbershop pole


My visit into the past improved my understanding of history be seeing it beyond books.  It gives me more of an appreciation for the benefits and rights I have today.   Now people are moving back to farm fresh and artisanal they way it was done before.   The low prices of everything, and low gas prices, and strolling and socializing it must have been nice.


4 responses to “Summer History

    • It was both to learn about life here lived a different way, more open and localized. I like to visit the local historical societies and regional historical settlements to see what life was like from their community experience.

  1. I guess it’s all relative. I remember walking to the bakery to get a loaf of bread for my mom once a week. 20 cents. My dad’s cigarettes, 28 cents a pack! A few years later I could FILL my VW bug with $3.50. As cheap as all that sounds, my parents still struggled to make ends meet. Today it take nearly $45.00 to fill my VW tank (I’m assuming since I never wait til it’s empty) All relative, but I’d like to pay $3.50 for a full tank rather than a gallon! Sounds like you had an educational excursion. :-D. Ahhhhhhh. The good ol’ days.

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