Summer Ripples

ripples in the water

ripples in the water

Do you make waves?  Or just the occasional ripples?  Summer is the time for making waves or ripples skipping stones, canoeing, paddle boarding, casting a fishing line or jumping off a pier.   The weather is hot and the water is so cool.

Why not?

I skipped a few stones across the surface of the water.  I was surprised I could still do; but some skills you never lose.  I watched the ripples on the water, but couldn’t snap a pic with my camera fast enough.

Still I instead of a landscape long and wide shot, I went low and close to snap a photo of colored ripples of water by a lake shoreline.  If you look closely at the grass by the water, you can see a red bobber stuck in the grass.  It wasn’t mine bobber.   I cast my rod by the pier.

Really.  If you hadn’t had the chance to make some waves or even a few ripples; well there is still a lot of summer left.  Have fun making waves or a few ripples.

Here are a few more ripples at Travel theme: Ripples.

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