Summer Sky

summer sky and giant bug

summer sky and giant bug

Which is a deeper blue the ocean or sky?  The fathoms of water in blue shades always seem so vibrant to me.  Then I look up at summer sky an intense blue reaching up to forever.  I can’t decide which of these endless blue horizons is a deeper blue.

As I looked up at the summer sky this weekend on a hike admiring the sunshine and white cloudscape; I considered which was bluer.  Then I spied a giant bug that looked like it had flown from the sky and landed on a roof.

Thankfully it was a large metal sculpted bug.  I thought there wasn’t a strong enough eco-friendly insect repellant to take on that one.   It  looked about the right size to buzz around a dinosaur in a prehistoric swamp.

A surprising place for public art, and a frightfully fun supersized insect. Yes, this artist was definitely inspired by nature.   I’ll have to look at rooftops more often as I gaze at the summer sky.

There are more sculptures at Travel theme: Sculpture:

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