Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgic

I guess I’m feeling nostalgic.  Today is July 5th.  I am thinking about yesterday, the day we celebrate our independence and rights to freedom.  We watch fireworks shows as a recurring event since first big fireworks display that Francis Scott Key  wrote about rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air.

We go as school children and adult vacationers to Washington, D.C., to marvel at centuries old documents that outline our charters of freedom in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.   Some of us even travel to Philadelphia to view the cracked, but solid Liberty Bell.

For a Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgic, I think about the past and Americans with independent spirits that forged ahead forward to shape our country and us.  My photos were taken in the winter when I visited an old fort.  It offered me a peek into a part of America’s past.

split log fort

a split log fort

inside a fort

the inside of a building in the fort has a dirt floor and open space between the logs with a ladder to access the upper space

Conestoga Wagon

covered wagon

inside a covered wagon

the inside of a covered wagon has less space than a small hatchback car


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