Summer Shade

It’s a bright and sunny summer that I soak in along with the humidity when I hike a trail. Forest trails offer shady spots through a canopy of trees that make a welcome break from the hot sun. I’ve also discovered that shaded areas intensify the colors of nature; especially where the sun streams through. Greens look deeper and oranges brighter.

I know that dusk is considered a photographer’s golden hour to snap pics. Shaded areas just outside of the bright sun also offer some interesting colors. While I was admiring the dappled sunlight hitting a marshy shore; I had an “aha” photography moment.

Russell Lee was a photographer and photo journalist from the Midwest and moved to Texas finding his own personally fulfilling heartland. He was a great photographer. Well I had photography tip of his that stuck with me. He said, “You don’t photograph the light, you photograph the light in the air.”

When I saw where the sun poked through the shade hitting leaves and water, I understood what he meant.

wetlands by woods

wetlands by woods

log by marshy shore

log by marshy shore

leaves in shade of a tree

leaves in shade of a tree

Watching where the sunlight shines on a space or a leaf, as it filters through trees and shimmers on a water; rathern aiming my lens always at the sky. Aha, Russell Lee I know what you meant now.

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