Summer Coyote

coyote pup

coyote pup

If spring is a time of rebirth, summer is a time of growth. On a hike by a prairie and woodlands, I saw a coyote pup that must have been born in end of winter or in the spring. We were a safe distance apart, and were both curious about each other. I think I was more excited to see it then it was to see me.

I realized where there is a young one, a mother is usually not too far away. It was a brief summer encounter lasting only a few seconds. Then young coyote quickly headed back into the tall grass towards the woods. I was glad that it was wary of me, a human, and quickly moved away back to the woods.

I enjoy hiking trails and paths being in nature, and occasionally I’m reminded that others live there and I’m just a visitor. I try to be a pleasant guest, and stay aware of my surroundings and my zoom camera features. And, it was a cute coyote pup.

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