Summer Trestle Path

I explored a hidden path through the fresh eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. It was a mix of urban and wilderness with lush vegetation of overgrown trees and vines running along an old wooden fence.

path under a trestle

path under a trestle

It ran directly under a train trestle by a canal. Lakes in the Midwest are shades of blue and green, and usually clear water. Rivers can be sometimes be a little muddy. Canals are always murky waterways and a perfect habitat for catfish.

canal and train trestle

canal and train trestle

I wanted to snap pictures of the steel structure of the trestle and tracks, and as I walked closer I discovered the path that runs a distance next to the canal. It’s kind of interesting to explore train tracks from underneath. All graffiti running up the sides of the concrete foundation to directly up high under the tracks were remnants of previous path walkers with an artistic bent, spray cans and great climbing skills.

graffiti covered trestle

graffiti covered concrete trestle foundation

under a train trestle

under a train trestle

I can’t say that I’ll be heading back soon, but it was fun to try a new path with fresh eyes. My fresh experience for a Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh. And, It’s loud when the train runs over the tracks.


4 responses to “Summer Trestle Path

  1. Great ‘fresh’. Interesting angles. We have some overgrown areas here that make you feel engulfed where in winter they look so bare. You forget how amazing it can look. How thick it can get. Thanks for the tip (unbeknownst to you) on taking some photos there.

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