Summer Sunset

summer sunset

summer sunset

Summer sunset near the end of the season is darker, deeper greens and blues and cool night air. Trees are still lush with leaves reflecting on the lake as the sun fades over the horizon.

I’ll take the sweaters and sweatshirts out of the cedar chest and back of the closet. Say goodbye to flip flop sandals till next year.

I stand here appreciating the place and moment. I think of a favorite poem about sundown. I look forward to toasting marshmallows and making smores.


    THE summer sun is sinking low;
    Only the tree-tops redden and glow:
    Only the weathercock on the spire
    Of the neighboring church is a flame of fire;
    All is in shadow below.

    O beautiful, awful summer day,
    What hast thou given, what taken away?
    Life and death, and love and hate,
    Homes made happy or desolate,
    Hearts made sad or gay!

    On the road of life one mile-stone more!
    In the book of life one leaf turned o’er!
    Like a red seal is the setting sun
    On the good and the evil men have done,
    Naught can to-day restore!

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


4 responses to “Summer Sunset

  1. Yes f and f….I’m hanging on in there too! However, I will welcome Keats season of mists and mellow fruitfulness along with you C and C..

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