Fall Snowfall

snow in a park

snow in a park

Pine and oak trees laced with white as snow floats down from the sky in the first snowfalls of fall. Flake by flake it comes down in fall. It’s technically not winter yet by the calendar or the meteorologist, but nature takes no notice of technicalities.

Here it comes down a white frost powder among the autumn colored leaves. Maybe winter is arriving early? Or will fall weather return in a few days for a just a little while longer? I hope it’s true, but I’ll digging my snow boots out of the closet anyway.

4 responses to “Fall Snowfall

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  2. I’m admiring the, low in the sky, sun, sending a glow amongst the Autumn leaves…beautiful! Still quite warm here in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains.
    I love the snow, of course, but at the right time thankyou….i.e. after Christmas.
    Enjoy Halloween weekend.

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