Fall Surprise

blue heron

I thought they left a while ago gone till warmer weather returned. I was caught by surprise hiking on a misty wet day by a lake and marshes. I was the only person on the trail at that particular time, so it was quiet.

Then I looked at the middle of the lake drawn by the sound of flapping wings, large wings. At first I thought it was a goose, but there was no loud honking sound that geese make to announce their arrivals and departures.

I looked closer with zoom on my camera at the bird. It blended in with the blue color of the water that it swam on. A blue heron spotted in the autumn. A sweet fall surprise.

5 responses to “Fall Surprise

  1. Lovely capture…..is he water ski-ing? Has he missed the yearly trip? Was he sent to Coventry for messing about on the river when there were preparations to be made so none warned him of the flight to be flown? Ah! Bluey has just given me the basics of a children’s story…Bluey goes to Coventry…thanku C & C.

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