Winter Barn

It’s twilight on a winter night, and a light shines bright on a old red wood barn. An barn is so much more than an agricultural architecture.

A poem written long ago by Charles G. D. Roberts is an eloquent description of the value of a barn.

a light shines bright on a old red barn on a winter night

a light shines bright on a old red barn on a winter night

    In an Old Barn

    by Sir Charles G. D. Roberts

    Tons upon tons the brown-green fragrant hay
    O’erbrims the mows beyond the time-warped eaves,
    Up to the rafters where the spider weaves,
    Though few flies wander his secluded way.
    Through a high chink one lonely golden ray,
    Wherein the dust is dancing, slants unstirred.
    In the dry hush some rustlings light are heard,
    Of winter-hidden mice at furtive play.
    Far down, the cattle in their shadowed stalls,
    Nose-deep in clover fodder’s meadowy scent,
    Forget the snows that whelm their pasture streams,
    The frost that bites the world beyond their walls.
    Warm housed, they dream of summer, well content
    In day-long contemplation of their dreams.

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5 responses to “Winter Barn

  1. Reblogged this on Insectamonarca's Blog and commented:
    I loved the barns at the family farm. I loved to explore within, up in the loft and the first floor too. There were memores here with my great aunts furniture that simply couldn’t be just thrown away. My furniture was stored in the barn too, upstairs and out of the way.

    Winter barns have memories. Love to see the light on a winter night. It always shies bright and warm.

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