Winter Sledding

What do you do with lots of snow? Where does all this snow go?

It’s no fun to shovel snow, but it’s great sport. It’s lots of fun to sled and toboggan down hills blanketed with the white stuff, and they grow higher with each new snow fall.

I liked tobogganing as a child and still enjoy it. Day or night it brings joy to bundle up in layers and slide down powdery snow.

I came across this sledding song written in 1922 that sounds like a children’s rhyming poem.

winter sledding at night

winter sledding at night

    A Sledding Song

    by Norman C. Schlichter

    Sing a song of winter,
    Of frosty clouds in air!
    Sing a song of snowflakes
    Falling everywhere.

    Sing a song of winter!
    Sing a song of sleds!
    Sing a song of tumbling
    Over the heels and heads.

    Up and down a hillside
    When the moon is bright,
    Sledding is a tiptop
    Wintertime delight.

    Happy sledding!


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