Spring Preening

spring preening

spring preening

A group of gulls huddle together on an ice float and preen feathers, making room on the frozen space for a goose. It’s a group spring cleaning.

There is open water near the ice so they can jump off to swim and fish. The image of ice and open water pictures the Midwest weather so well. It warms up a little and then snows again. It’s happens some springs that we have snow in April or May here in the Midwest. It comes in cycles more snow some years which is good for increasing water supply, and less in others.

It’s the ebb and flow of nature that adds to and alters the landscape, and the birds seem to like it.


2 responses to “Spring Preening

  1. Love the caption ‘Spring Preening’ and your tale of weather conditions, C & C.
    I think we in Ireland have said goodbye to Winter; crocus have bloomed and faded, daffodils are in full flower and the trees are at last bursting into tiny leaf…. makes one wax lyrical. 🙂

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