Summer Roost

It was a gray day and though there was no rain the clouds converged like a celestial curtain pulled across the sky. The air was like autumn instead of mid-summer.

As I walked down a wooded path, I could hear the sound of water. I was glad for the peacefulness of the woods and a calm sky without the raindrops.

Then I heard a bird’s shriek, a loud one. Intrigued by the sound, I veered off the path and down a hill with camera in hand and zoom lens extended.

I watched a bird swoop over water and land high up in a treetop. I scanned the trees with my camera trying to get a better glimpse of the bird.

bittern, heron or kestrel

bittern, heron or kestrel?

I had an eye the bird and it seemed to be looking right back at me, equally intrigued.

I’ve never seen this one before. Any birdwatchers out there no which one it might be? A kestrel, bittern, heron?

It’s a black-crowned night heron!


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