Summer Places

Impromptu social gatherings held by water over the summer might sound like a lot of events, unless you like to fish.

Summertime in the Midwest is prime fishing time, something I enjoy along with hiking, and fishing spots of meetings places that where a common greeting is “What’s biting?”

fishing place

fishing place

I’ve discussed luck with strangers, and found out if someone used poppers by the shallows to get them biting. Or maybe they used chicken liver bits for catfish. Fishing holes inspire relaxed conversations with other anglers and some useful tips.

Another I love in the summer is a fish fry.

fish in water

fish in water

To see other photos, visit Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ that fits like a fish in water with Travel theme: Meeting Places.

3 responses to “Summer Places

  1. I love fish. A summer fish fry sounds very appealing. But I don’t like to fish! I’m also afraid that, if I did catch something, I would probably eat it without realizing it was a poisonous species or something almost extinct that is protected and then I’d be arrested and have to eat some gawd awful stew for the rest of my life while incarcerated! Mind if I bring the salad?

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