Summer Cormorant

I never see foxes, opossums or raccoons when I’m walking on a path or hiking in the woods during the day. They are noctural hunters, and can’t see to well at twilight either.

When I’m hiking in forest or woods by water in the summer or spring, I know I’ll see birds. This is what happened as I walked skirting through and along woods thick with trees. I walked by a large creek fed by some small streams, encircled by trees, with a hidden-away-from-the-world feeling.

I walked under overhanging branches and thickets to the opening by the creek, large enough where I could get a good view of the water. I saw a black or double-crested cormorant.

black cormorant

black cormorant

Everything I’ve read states that it’s a seabird, but I once in a while I see one on a creek or along the Third Coast (Great Lakes).

At first I thought it was a duck, it swam and dove quickly in the water. It’s a fast fisherman and enjoyable to watch.

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