Summer Duck Pond

As summer edges to the end of its season, I notice more ducks filling up a pond as I walk past. They’re stopping off for a watery rest along a migratory route.

Who doesn’t welcome a dip in cool waters after a long journey? I do. I try to snap this photo without intruding on their swim.

I realize how lucky I am to see ducks and other wildlife, and experience the feelings I well up with when I’m walking in a park, on trails, being in nature and seeing ponds, meadows, prairies, and going through canyons. There is a lot of it to still see.

duck stands on the edge of a pond

duck stands on the edge of a pond

There is one duck roosting on the edge of the pond and another waddle around the edge, it eventually dives in.

Sometimes I finish my hike sweaty with mud-covered shoes and a few bug bites, but I’m re-energized by the subtle, many layered beauty of nature.

For more images on the edge, visit: Travel theme: Edge.


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