Winter Berries

It’s cold outside. It’s shivering down to your bones cold. The frigid winter weather ices everything in frost. Trails are crunchy or slippery from thick snow and ice.

winter berries

winter berries

The landscape is stark white, gray and brown the occasional surprise of red or green. On the trail I passed a tree with red winter berries iced in white; as if a baker had decorated dusted them in sugar. A confection of berries for birds looking for food on a winter day.

A splash of bright red among the white for me to see while on a walk. It’s the Midwest in winter.

Okay, it’s really cold outside.

One response to “Winter Berries

  1. Love that picture c&c. Though it’s still cold here, the skies are introducing us to Spring. Snowdrops have been and gone and the crocus are in bloom. Daffodils are about to happen and Wm Wordsworth strikes chords in our hearts.
    Time when a young man’s fancy supposedly turns to thoughts………
    enough to make an old woman wax lyrical, what!?

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