Winter Camouflage

The temperature has inched a few degrees above zero.  Meteorologist claim it’ll go up reach above 20 degrees, but in the forest it feels just a few degrees above zero.  The frosty air sends fellow hikers to hike quickly instead of linger.

The scenery is bare trees, snow and ice.  Yet, I heard birdsong.  It takes me a few seconds to locate the winged singers.

winter camouflage

winter camouflage

Two birds singing in the cold; tucked in among thicket of branches with their feathers puffed up for warmth. Did you find them? They blend in twig and branches. It’s nice to hear the birdsong on cold winter’s day.

I hope they’ll find a warmer place to roost tonight. I will.


3 responses to “Winter Camouflage

  1. Took me some time but I found them. What fun! reminds me of those puzzles one was always so delighted with when a child – and stilll am, I hasten to add.

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