Summer Close Up

Go jump in the lake. If some said that to me, normally I’d not be happy. But on a scorching summer day, a jump in the lake sounds wonderful.

So I headed to a lake on such a hot day. I was drawn to the cool, blue water. Maybe I wouldn’t jump into the lake. Maybe I’d just hang my bare feet off the end of the pier and dip them in.

It felt wonderful to swish my toes in the water. As I sat there contemplating continuing my hike or continuing dipping toes in water; I looked around me at my surroundings.

Lots of deep green, deep blue colors of midsummer. I looked at the outline of the foliage around the water’s edge with all the tall grasses and spiky plants, and some occasional clumps of wildflowers.

As I focused in on the tall grasses near the pier and the rocky embankment, I small flashing wings of something.

moth on tall grass

moth on tall grass

A moth resting for a moment on tall grass.

This heat makes everyone want to take a pause and move at a more leisurely pace, even a moth.

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