Summer Flower and Bee

Insects like the heat and humidity of summer. I can tell this from the many bees, butterflies, deer flies and sweet bees buzzing around me and everything else.

flower and bee

flower and bee

While I traveling along a path, I saw these yellow wildflowers. Right in the middle of a blooming flower as a bee filling up, like a stop at a botanical fountain for nectar. The bee blended in perfectly with flower petals, so I almost missed it.

As I watched the bee and the flower, I thought the bee and flower worked together excellently. The bee and the flower were mutually responsible for the others survival even in the patch of wildflowers. All the plants and animals know how to coexist, and do it beautifully; like wild horses or big horn sheep living in and benefiting their environments.

I need to be mindful of this kinship of nature that they already possess. I can learn a lot from it.

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