Summer Farm Country

weathered red barn

weathered red barn

I see a weathered red barn in a rural landscape of growing crop fields, and I’m flooded with memories. Summer in farm country to me, is one of county and state fairs with stiff competition among the bakers and cooks for ribbons.

I think of time spent in kitchens sterilizing jars in water baths, and then carefully ladling warm paraffin wax on Mason jars filled with watermelon rind pickles, berry jams, and apple butters. There are so many vegetables that can be pickled, and I remember walking into root cellars and basements seeing shelves of canned pickled vegetables.

There are so many tasty, wonderful foods that come from a farm kitchen. I remember eating fresh sweet corn, tomato jam and crappie fish caught at a fishing hole.

I guess I have sweet memories, and some tasty recipes handed down to me to cherish.

6 responses to “Summer Farm Country

  1. I’ve loved barns, especially weathered ones, for years. In fact, my husband is even on the lookout for them now! We pull over when we can just so I can snap pics of them. Maybe I need a barn wall filled with photos!

  2. I have always loved the memories of summer sitting under an oak tree seeing the green field and blue sky meet. I remember one of my trips to a laidback Himalayan village where I had fresh plum jam, marmalade, and fresh baked bread.

  3. My goodness! If ever I’m in your part of the world, I shall expect to sample some of those delights – be warned. 🙂

    • Middle summer to mid-fall is usually canning season. There used to be wild berries in the forests by me, and we would pick them and make jam.

      I still like homemade jam and pickled vegetables like beets. You’d be welcome to try them.

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