Summer Penny

penny mural

copper penny wall mural

    “One cent, one cent, pick it up, it’s easily spent.”

I saw this painted copper penny wall mural as I walked past this building. I looked at the penny painting, and wondered how many children will know what it is or what it’s for? In the age of bitcoin and payment via smart phone, who will remember the small change.

Are pennies and nickels and dimes becoming merely historic collectibles once used for payment? Is there anything anywhere that can be bought of a penny or nickel? I visit museums and historical societies and view displays on “penny candy stores” or coffee purchased for a nickel or dime. What was that like?

I confess that I have used a phone booth at one time or another, and not just in a museum. I was walking along and had to make a phone call, no cell phone handy, and stepped inside the phone booth. The phone took both cards or coins for payment. As I stood talking on the phone, I saw someone standing outside of the booth just a few inches from me.

But I couldn’t hear this person, and this person couldn’t hear my call. It was a private conversation without any fear of someone listening in or trying to swipe information from my smart phone. It was nice.

If you know of any penny candy stores or such places, share a link. I’d love to learn about them.


2 responses to “Summer Penny

  1. That reminds me:- Just after the war when the American soldiers were stationed in Yorkshire they gave us our first sight and taste of chewing gum. Eventually we were able to purchase it at one penny per packet (when out of sight of disapproving parents).
    A skipping game ensued with the following rhyme:-

    P.K. penny packet, first you chew it then you crack it
    Then you stick it to your jacket, P.K. penny packet.

    That wasn’t just yesterday, huh!?

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