Fall Frog

It’s a drizzly day with cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. I’ve got to admit, I like this kind of weather. It makes me want to drink hot apple cider as the sun sets…maybe later.

For now, I put on my hiking shoes and hit the trail. I hadn’t walked far before my ears pointed in the direction of load noises. I looked around and walked up to a pond.

frog or toad

frog or toad

I spied this large frog. I think it’s a Plains Leopard Frog? I’m not sure. I thought it might be a toad, because of the size. If there any amphibian fans out there, can you let me know if it’s the Plains Leopard Frog or a toad?

There are beautiful markings on the frog. Nature is amazing at creating patterns. I think it enjoyed this weather even more than me.

Fall is here. Let’s croak about it.


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