Fall Pumpkin

pumpkin and hay

pumpkin on a bale hay at a farmstand

This time of year there are a profusion of pumpkins and pumpkin-flavored products everywhere. Pumpkin donuts, pie and latte to eat and sip. Pumpkin spice candles, soap and lotion to spread the scent of the squash.

The Midwest is epicenter of pumpkin growing. The farm stands and stores sell green, orange and white pumpkins in all sizes and shapes. This year a great pumpkin was presented at the annual Harvest Fest, in Stillwater, Minnesota, weighing 2,185 pounds. That is a lot of pumpkin…lot of pies, donuts, pasta fillings…etc.

With profusion of pumpkin all round, I have to say that I revel in it. I enjoy reading new kinds of pumpkin recipes, decor and ideas.

I’m looking forward to popular cranberry’s comeback around Christmas. Happy pumpkin picking!


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