Fall Ornate Tree

Fall is full of multicolored foliage adorning trees. I was pleasantly surprise to pass this ornamental fruit tree–I think plum or crab apple–with ruby red fruit ripe for picking.

crab apple or plum tree

ruby colored fruit clustered together, may be crab apples or plums, in ornamental display

It reminds me that plants and trees can bloom and fruit all year long, providing a continuing display of color. I’d love to pick some of this fruit. It’s be great for a Thanksgiving display.

For more colorful displays, visit Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate.

2 responses to “Fall Ornate Tree

  1. They look yummy. Looks like apples – they’ve got me thinking about my chopped Apple salad with sunflower nuts and raspberry walnut dressing. Okay, your pic made me hungry. Thanks for stopping by my site.

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