Winter Tracks

animal tracks

animal tracks

A quarter mile up from the beginning of a trail, I see a set animal tracks moving directly across the trail in front of me. To my left my eyes from the indentations in snow that show up clearly against the brown prairie grass. So often what is off the trails looks so much more interesting that what is on it.

Could it be a coyote or deer I wonder? Or maybe rabbits, opossums, and raccoon? Could it be one set of tracks over another? One animal following another for companionship or prey? It’s still a bright afternoon, so I’m not worried about crossing paths with coyote. I usually see deer closer to dusk.

As I walk on my imagination stirs up, seeing mounds of snow and thinking about the round backs of polar bears. Wish I could see a snow owl. I’d like that. I do see the occasional hawk, but it’s too fast for my camera hands.

Still haven’t see any wildlife along the trail. But I know it crossed my path.


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