Winter Goose

This weekend was an intoxicating of sunshine, warmth and fresh air. Off to a lakeside trail I went to join the throngs of people and dogs outside enjoying all of it.

Canadian Goose

Canadian Goose

There were dogs in all shapes and sizes on the trail. This Canadian goose strolled the trail along the lake, commanding it. It dared any four-legged animal to block its way; and none of them did. It was a big goose.

When it strolled up the trail my way, I stood by and let it pass. There are etiquette rules on the trail that I too abide by.

What a beautiful day it was. Now it’s just a warm, faded memory. I have cabin fever watching out the window at the snow and wind. So, I’ll bundle up with scarves, boots and gloves and see how far I go.

Oh but I wish it was weekend weather again.


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