Winter Northern Shovelers

The sunny weather drew me to the prairies, marshes and ponds to pass groves of trees and over bridges. The warmer weather has also drawn an increasing variety of birds.

As I walked by an calm pond, I scanned the grasses and reeds to follow the “cuk” “cuk” sound I heard. From a distance I thought the duck paddling and diving noisily in the pond was another mallard with its glossy green head. But as I walked closer, I knew this one was different.

Northern Shovelers

Northern Shovelers

It dove bottoms up under the surface. Then after reappearing it took it’s spoon-shaped bill half under water and appeared to skim it. Then another one popped it’s head above the surface in unison. It was a pair of Northern Shoveler ducks.

I sat on a rock and watched them for awhile taking in the poetic motion, moving in harmony with the water and nature.

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